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Naked man walks through terminal, tries to bypass Florida airport security

An apparently drunk Florida man didn’t wait to be told to remove his shoes and belt — or the rest of his clothes, for that matter — at a security checkpoint in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.



Instead, he allegedly showed up at the airport in a boozy state and buck naked before trying to get through security.


And, yes, the man’s au natural jaunt through Terminal 1 was caught on video.

According to multiple media reports, Martin Evtimov, 36, allegedly parked his car in front of the terminal and casually walked past the check-in counters fully nude before trying to go through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint. After walking past several TSA agents, the naked man left the screening area and tried to open a “restricted access” door.


When he casually strolled to the baggage inspection area, muttering incoherently, he was met by TSA agents and sheriff’s deputies, according to the New York Post. Cops tried to subdue the man, but he resisted before being placed in handcuffs and wrapped in a blanket.



Evtimov faces a number of charges, including resisting arrest with violence, battery on law enforcement and exposure of sexual organs, the Post reported, citing court documents. He was also charged with disorderly conduct and disorderly intoxication, both misdemeanours.


He was booked into Broward County Jail on a $3,500 US bond.




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