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Lewis Hamilton Fan Robbed of $183 by Scammer Pretending To Be the 7X World Champion

Lewis Hamilton’s exceptional contribution to the world of Formula 1 has garnered him a massive fan following globally. For fans, catching a glimpse or seeing a picture of Hamilton is enough to brighten their day. However, this deep admiration for the seven-time champion can occasionally lead to unfortunate situations. According to recent reports from Metropoles, an individual impersonating Lewis Hamilton has been involved in fraudulent activity, scamming a Brazilian native of $183.

On a WhatsApp chat, the person posing as Hamilton asked a fan for money and promised to send the racing champion’s images in exchange. Unfortunately, the lady believed she was interacting with the man of her dreams and sent the money to the scammer.

Based on the chat records, it is clear that the woman had been communicating with the scammer on Instagram initially. However, sensing her desperation, the scammer promptly shifted the conversation to WhatsApp. Subsequently, when the fan requested to meet the person she believed was Hamilton, the imposter knitted a story.

He claimed that he was traveling and also specified leaving his wallet in his F1 car. Thus, he asked the Brazilian woman to “make a pic for him” and in return promised to give the desired pictures. The scam took place in Sao Paulo and emerged as surprising news to fans around the world.

Since Hamilton has been honored with Brazilian citizenship, there is no surprise that he has a huge fan following in the South American nation. However, following this whole fraud, Hamilton’s fans have flooded social media with a range of responses.

Just like any other team would’ve responded in this scenario, Mercedes also did the same. As a gesture of goodwill, the Silver Arrows invited this individual for a tour of their garage in Brackley.

Interestingly, he was also given the chance to accompany the team to the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2022. However, just two days later, the unfortunate news of the Hamilton fan’s passing spread.

This led to an outpouring of tributes, including condolences from Mercedes. However, in a surprising twist, it was revealed a few days later that everything about Centurion Lewis was fake, including his purported terminal cancer and reported demise.

In reality, the individual behind the account, identified as Liam T, is a healthy individual who has never received a diagnosis of any type of cancer. However, once this deception became apparent, Mercedes promptly removed their post.



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