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Kanye West films wife Bianca Censori driving in covered-up costume after near-naked snaps

In a strange turn of events, Kanye West has uploaded a video clip of his wife Bianca Censori wearing clothes.

The Bound 2 rapper came under fire for recently sharing a slurry of snaps of his bride wearing close to nothing. The near-naked photographs haven’t gone down well with fans and now Ye has seemingly listened to his 18.6million followers.




Sharing the couple’s latest outing on his Instagram, Kayne filmed Bianca driving a large-looking truck, with some fans calling it a “Batmobile”. It appears Kanye has finally addressed comments about his wife’s topless pictures as she was seen covered up.




Head-to-toe in black latex, only Bianca’s face and hands are visible in this latest outfit, worlds away from the items of clothing worn in recent uploads. Fans are understandably confused by Ye’s new video, with one calling the ordeal a “twisted dark fantasy”.

“Cat woman with Batmobile,” commented another user. Someone else said: “im convinced that shes not real and its kanye using ai to make her.” While a fourth said: “I’m convinced she’s a prop to his fantasies.” Another said she looked like a “condom”.

Another fan commented: “Normal post? No one is naked? Kanye are you ok?” While someone else quipped: “She dressed like a plunger.” Another user wrote: “bro drivin the batmobile.” While someone concluded: “Rich people things … the fact that they probably have so much fun together, so In love, & they play this role to the public as if Kanye’s going crazy & his wife is miserable must be pure comedy to them.












“they just rolling with it at this point. Don’t underestimate Kanye, he’s a genius. They rich asf.. they doing whatever tf they want when they want. They ain’t trippin on nothin lol.”

It comes after an expert told The Mirror Kanye and Bianca have an “awkward dynamic” in public and are “estranged”. The 46-year-old rapper married the 29-year-old architect in December 2022. The controversial couple got hitched only weeks after Ye’s divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian was finalised. Recently the pair bumped into Hollywood star Chris while out and about. The married duo, who celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month, were seen chatting and laughing with Chris.

It was on this outing that Kanye showed off his new mouthful of metal teeth as they met at celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont for lunch. And now a body language expert has provided The Mirror with an exclusive insight into this meeting, with her even revealing that Bianca and Kanye have an “awkward dynamic” when around other people.








Body language expert Inbaal Honigman told us: ” Chris Rock stands in front of Bianca and Ye, making eye contact with one, then eye contact with the other – while the musician and his wife don’t look at each other at all. The couple fail to acknowledge one another for the entire chat, whereas whenever they look at Rock, they appear engaged and happy.”

She noted: “We see Bianca talking to the comedian, her eyes wide open, her eyebrows raised in delight and her mouth open to a wide smile, top teeth showing. She doesn’t even try to hide her excitement at getting to meet the comedy star. Her head and eyes don’t turn towards her husband at all. Kanye himself looks excited, his eyes smiling as well as his lips, lines forming between his eyes suggesting that his joy is genuine. However, Ye’s eyes never meet his Mrs.”







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