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Untold Story of How Lewis Hamilton Started Dating Ex Nicole Scherzinger Gets Revealed

Much has been speculated, reported, and said about Lewis Hamilton and his relationship with ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger. The Brit started dating the American singer right after his rookie season, just in time to impress her with her first championship. We all are also aware of the tumultuous 8-year-long relationship which ended in 2015. However, we hardly had information about how, where, and when the two met and how their romance began. Until now!


Hamilton and Will.I.Am have been friends for over a decade now. The two have even collaborated in the past, as the American rapper is also working with Mercedes on an exciting project for which they even shared the stage. However, the roots of this long-lasting relationship between Will.I.Am and Hamilton also coincide with his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.

In an exclusive on the YouTube channel F1Briefings, the American talked about various aspects of his life. In this conversation, he also discussed his relationship with the Mercedes man and in this discussion, he made the revelation of how Hamilton first met his ex-girlfriend.

He revealed, “I met Lewis in November 2007 and we were doing the MTV Music Awards. Me and Nicole Scherzinger were in the VIP section and a dear friend of mine now did the afterparty. He comes up to me like ‘Hey there’s this F1 driver who wants to meet you and Nicole.’ — So at that point in time I introduced Lewis to Nicole. Lewis, through Nicole, I became friends with Lewis.”  

To date, Scherzinger remains Hamilton’s longest relationship. The Brit has not sustained a relationship long enough for it to even become a talking point since her. It goes to show how invested he was with the Hawaii-born star. So much so that there were wedding rumors as well.



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