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The cause of what is said to have chilled Shakira and Lewis Hamilton’s romance




Since her separation from Gerard Pique just over a year ago, Shakira has not stopped making headlines in the entertainment world. Whether for songs dedicated to her ex-partner or for her “romances” with Tom Cruise and Lewis Hamilton, the Colombian has had a 2023 of strong emotions.





The British Formula 1 driver is the one she has been seen with the most in recent months, although neither of the two have so far confirmed whether their relationship is more than a friendship.




In an interview for People magazine, the Dominican psychic, “Nino Prodigio”, revealed the supposed reason why their love affair is at a standstill.




“I’m going to be honest: this man is looking for a child. I don’t know if Shakira is into it. There’s something nice between them as a friendship; I don’t see much in the future,” Prodigio commented.




It is worth mentioning that the singer is 46 years old and is already the mother of two children she had with Pique: Milan and Sasha, while Hamilton has never been married and has never been a father.




Meanwhile the psychic reiterated that at the time she said that a man related to sport was coming into Shakira’s life.

“She said that a man was coming into her life and that he also had something to do with sport.”




As well as a sentimental couple, he sees them as a successful tandem in the business world.

“I see abundance, fortune if these two people join forces in a business they will do super well.”




Finally, the psychic assured that in terms of intimacy the couple is explosive.

They are air and earth. They are a tornado in bed!” in reference to the fact that Hamilton belongs to an earth sign such as Capricorn and Shakira, a water sign such as Aquarius.”




Shakira keeps on earning
On 29 June, the Barranquilla native released the official video for “Copa Vacia” in collaboration with her compatriot Manuel Turizo. Since then, the video has more than 72 million views, 1.3 million likes and more than 53,000 comments from her fans on YouTube.




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