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F1 LIVE: Mercedes run the danger of upsetting Lewis Hamilton as Red Bull makes fun of the Silver Arrows




Lewis Hamilton’s contract situation at Mercedes is still yet to be resolved despite the Brit holding lengthy talks with Toto Wolff behind closed doors over the last few months. Hamilton’s existing deal is set to run out at the end of this year, which will leave his Mercedes future hanging in the balance until he finally decides to put pen to paper.





The fundamental aspects of a new deal are said to have already been settled upon, with only minor differences holding up Hamilton from officially extending his decade-long association with the Silver Arrows. However, the 38-year-old recently suggested that the saga could drag on until the end of the season after revealing that he is not taking an active role in negotiations.





“It might be announced at the end of the year, I don’t know,” said Hamilton last month. “Honestly, I just don’t have any more information for you to share this week. It’s with the lawyers, back and forth. I’ve not been a part of it the whole time.

“I’ve been removed from it from the beginning. I wanted to be able to focus on all the other things that I have going on. The team are working on it in the background. There’s no negotiation left, it’s just all the small bits.”






55 mins ago15:57 Stuart Ballard
Verstappen likened to Schumacher
Two-time F1 world champion Mika Hakkinen has paid Max Verstappen the ultimate compliment by likening him to legendary driver Michael Schumacher.

When asked by RacingNews365 who Verstappen can be compared to, Hakkinen said: “Michael Schumacher. He was an incredible F1 driver anyway.

“His dedication to the sport… motor racing was his life! It wasn’t an ordinary job, it wasn’t an ordinary hobby, but it was his life.





“That’s exactly what I see with Max: it’s his life.”

2 hours ago15:20 Archie Griggs
McLaren could use IndyCar duo
McLaren chief Zak Brown has suggested that IndyCar duo Alex Palou and Pato O’Ward could return to the F1 cockpit for at least one FP1 outing later this year.

“We haven’t made a final decision yet,” said Brown when quizzed on whether the two young drivers will feature in practice this season.




“But we have to use rookies in free practice. After the IndyCar finale in Laguna Seca in September, you’ll see them in the Formula One environment.”

3 hours ago14:18 Archie Griggs
Horner rubs salt in Mercedes wounds
Christian Horner has dashed Mercedes’ hopes of catching up to Red Bull in the development race by revealing that the Austrian team’s power unit-related issues have been fixed ahead of the 2026 technical regulation changes.





It was recently reported that Red Bull’s engine development was running behind schedule but Horner is adamant that there is no longeer any cause for concern.

He said: “There was too much influence being placed on the chassis to make up for some of the inadequacies of the engine.

“I think that has been refined and sorted out in what has been proposed for 2026. It is great that in enough time it has been addressed.”




3 hours ago13:35 Archie Griggs
Vasseur issues damning Ferrari verdict
Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur has insisted that the Italian team are ‘miles away’ from where they want to be in terms of having the right structure in place behind the scenes.

“We are miles away, because when you are doing my job you don’t have to imagine that there is a perfect structure,” said Vasseur.




“You always need to improve, and always need to change things. If you stay with the same structure two years in a row then you are dead, because all the others will improve.

“It means that I don’t have a clear picture to say: ‘I have to do this and full stop, and it will work’. It would be stupid.”




5 hours ago12:17 Archie Griggs
Ricciardo ‘deserves’ Red Bull seat
Two-time Le Mans winner Hans-Joachim Stuck believes that Red Bull should drop Sergio Perez for Daniel Ricciardo at the earliest opportunity.

He told Eurosport: “This is a man who, in my opinion, belongs in Formula One. He’ll prove that when he’s in a good car.





“I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him that he will be Max Verstappen’s team-mate if Red Bull can’t get along with Sergio Perez anymore. Ricciardo deserves it.

“It’s difficult to foresee. I don’t know what Helmut Marko is planning and what agreements Pérez and Red Bull have with each other. You just have to wait and see, that’s an internal story.”




6 hours ago11:21 Archie Griggs
Red Bull could be ‘screwed’ by FIA
Former Le Mans winner Richard Bradley has suggested that the FIA will try to ‘screw over’ Red Bull next year in an attempt to curb their spell of dominance.

“The way of FOM and the FIA, they always design rule cycles specifically to screw the team that’s leading at the time, because they will literally want to put that team down,” said Bradley during an appearance on the On Track GP podcast.





“You can tell that they’re going to target Red Bull, then we’re going to find what makes Red Bull weak and try and exploit that. So there will come a time in the cycle that Red Bull will lose out and another manufacturer may come to the top.

“I think then that’s when you’re going to have to seriously re-evaluate the situation.”




6 hours ago10:28 Archie Griggs
Russell hints at Mercedes vision
George Russell has said that Mercedes are taking inspiration from their ‘glory years’ in designing their car for 2024 after spending the last two seasons lagging behind Red Bull.

“I think we’re working really hard on the characteristics for next year,” said Russell.




“We’re looking a lot at how the previous generations of cars were for Mercedes during the glory years, and using that as a bit of inspiration, as clearly that was one of the best cars in history.

“That’s given us some pointers on where we need to try and aim for.”




8 hours ago09:17 Archie Griggs
Piastri shuts down Red Bull rumours
Oscar Piastri has said that he is perfectly happy at McLaren after Eddie Jordan suggested that he would be the perfect candidate to replace Sergio Perez at Red Bull in the future.




“It’s flattering to have those comments,” began Piastri.

“I’m very happy where I am. It’s always nice to be talked about in those kinds of ways. I think my season’s been quite good for the most part.




“I think there’s definitely been some mistakes or moments I wish I could have had again, but with hindsight, it’s very easy to say those kinds of things.

“I’m happy with where I’m at driving-wise. There’s still a lot to improve, a lot to learn.”




9 hours ago08:22 Archie Griggs
Perez admits Red Bull mistake
Sergio Perez has admitted to overdriving his Red Bull car in a desperate attempt to rectify his poor form in qualifying, which has in turn led to further mistakes on his part.




When asked if he has found himself trying too hard in recent weeks, Perez said: “Certainly, when when you’re not fully confident with the car.

“I think what happened in Monaco probably brought me a step back and has taken me some time to fully trust the car the way I was [driving] it.





“Then you add the external factor with changeable conditions and then there is a bit more of a discrepancy.”





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