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What Happened to Lewis Hamilton’s Real Beard After His Hair Transplant?



Lewis Hamilton has been in the public eye for as long as anyone can remember. He has set records for the new drivers coming into the sport. Joining Formula 1 for McLaren and then making his move to Mercedes earned him seven-world championship titles. But with the life of a Formula 1 driver and the stresses that come with it, things can fall apart sometimes.




For the Mercedes driver, that had been the case. His life traveling up and down the world for his championship races had made a heavy effect on him. Soon enough fans had started noticing that Lewis Hamilton had started losing his hair. The star had had multiple different hairstyles over the years from blonde trimmed hair to an afro or cornrows. But soon his hairline started receding and his hair got trimmer and thinner.





This left everyone worried about Hamilton’s life outside the sport and what had happened for him to lose his hair so abruptly. But when Lewis Hamilton suddenly started gaining back his hair and growing it out, fans were curious. For him to get his hair to grow so quickly, fans assumed it could only be possible unless he got a hair transplant.





Lewis Hamilton gets himself a fake beard
Lewis Hamilton was asked about his hair and the constant receding hairline. Everyone wanted to know what had happened which Lewis Hamilton had finally spoken up about. He said that it was the result of all the hotel shampoos and conditioners that negatively affected his hair. The chemicals in the products and the constant traveling had affected the star negatively.




However, this was not the first time that Hamilton was questioned about his hair. After the Brit had posted a picture on his Instagram with a huge beard, fans were confused. It was during the time of his filming with IWC watches. Hamilton rocked a full-grown beard and looked unrecognizable for the campaign. However, before anyone could point a finger at it he captioned the picture with the hashtag “fake beard”.





Hamilton also debunked the rumors of his hair transplant and told us what helped him grow back his hair. That was when Hamilton confessed that he did self-care for his hair which helped him. Yet many believe that it may not be true after all and a hair transplant definitely was a part of it.




Whether the rumors are true or not, he worked on his appearance and now has garnered fans outside the sport. And with his dominance in his sport and his talent, he inspires many.




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