Lewis Hamilton urged to quit Mercedes as Russell warned….


Lewis Hamilton has been told he will continue to struggle if he switches teams and joins Ferrari in a major blow. F1 pundit Peter Windsor feels the seven-time champion will suffer similar issues faced by Charles Leclerc over the past year and will still have no answer to Max Verstappen.

Hamilton has been linked to the Prancing Horse after failing to sign a new deal at Mercedes. His current contract at the Silver Arrows expires at the end of the season with no details on his immediate future yet revealed.

Meanwhile, Christian Horner has been told he is “unable to control” Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at Red Bull. It comes as tensions appear to rise at Red Bull after a series of confrontations between the two stars in recent months.

56 mins ago23:11 Alex Turk
Vettel unsure of F1 return
Sebastian Vettel has admitted he doesn’t know when he will return to F1 in any capacity after his 2022 retirement.

Aston Martin have thrived in the German former world champion’s absence, with Fernando Alonso making podiums a common occurrence this season.

But fans are keen to see Vettel return to the sport.

He said: “Motorsport is my passion. It is important to me to show that we can drive just as well and fast with synthetic, CO2-neutral fuel.

“And that is already possible today. Synthetic fuels offer a solution to having fun responsibly. Many people just don’t know that yet.”

2 hours ago22:01 Charlie Malam
COMMENT: F1 cannot go on like this
It already seems like a foregone conclusion that Max Verstappen will win another F1 crown in 2023 unless Mercedes or Ferrari can come up with a rare magical upgrade.

3 hours ago20:42 Charlie Malam
F1 ‘cannot intervene’
F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has insisted the sport cannot change its rules and regulations just because Max Verstappen and Red Bull are so dominant at the moment.

Domenicali says the team’s rivals must simply admit they have not done as good a job as Christian Horner and co in Milton Keynes.

“This year, we need to say the truth: Red Bull did a better job than the others, it’s a fact. But I would be imprudent to say the championship is finished,” he told a Financial Times event.

“We cannot intervene in the performance of the teams. I am sure what we did in terms of financial regulations will help to minimise the gap on the technical side.”

6 hours ago18:36 Alex Turk
Hamilton urges F1 to evolve rules
Lewis Hamilton has described Red Bull’s dominance under new technical regulations as ‘unfortunate’.

And he suggested that F1 will need to evolve the rules if they want closer, more competitive racing going forward.

However, Hamilton has played down talk that current technical regulations have made F1 go in the wrong direction.

He said: “I think it’s a really negative way to look at it. It is good that we are trying new things. It’s important we continue to move forward and evolve – the technology has evolved.

“It is just unfortunate. We still see the same sort of gaps between teams. I don’t know what the solution is for the future, but I think we are going to have to continue to adapt these regulations moving forward.

“Otherwise, it could be the same as it is now for years – until 2026 – if we don’t do a better job, which we are working on doing.

“I like the cars… without the bouncing [and] they are a little bit heavy – I wouldn’t say making the cars heavier is a good idea.”

7 hours ago17:15 Charlie Malam
A New York Grand Prix?
David Coulthard says he’d love F1 to reignite the idea of a Grand Prix in New York, despite the United States already having three races on the calendar.

The idea of a race around the streets of Weehawken, New Jersey was floated in 2013 and briefly appeared a reality before a dispute saw the prospect collapse.

But Coulthard has suggested F1 bring the idea back to life, and says four US races in a single season would be no problem.

“We tried to get a race in New York several years ago at Weehawken,” said Coulthard to Motorsport.com. “I remember running in one of the Red Bull show cars. I drove part of the section of track in the F1 car and it was unbelievable”.

“Opposite Manhattan, there was a section that made Eau Rouge at Spa look like kids’ stuff! If they ever were able to reignite that plan right there, I think that would be the perfect place.

“I think we can go to four races here in future, when you consider the land mass.”

9 hours ago15:29 Danny Gallagher
Steiner struggling with the fame
It goes without saying the the hit Netflix series Drive to Survive very much propelled F1 into the mainstream.

Well, the elevation of the sport and the personalities which it comprises has certainly had some impact fo Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner.

Speaking to ESPN in Miami, Steiner admitted: “A little bit getting less stopped on the street, less selfish with people, but otherwise my workload is the same,” said Steiner. “To be honest, it’s just when you are around people recognise you.

“I always think I was not looking for this thing, I didn’t expect it to come – but it comes, and you just adjust. I think we have to give back to the fans if they like it. I cannot be like now ‘Oh I don’t do anything’ because obviously they come to me because they like something they have seen.

“It’s a little bit more when you go out, you need to think where you go and where you hangout because on the race weekend going to certain restaurants is not a good idea, because you will not be left in peace.”

9 hours ago14:46 Luke Chillingsworth
Lewis Hamilton will hope Christian Horner’s wrong for refusing to answer Mercedes question
Christian Horner has blanked a question over Mercedes’ new planned upgrades ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and refused to say whether he believes them or not.

The Silver Arrows revealed new parts would be installed at Imola as early as the opening race of the season.

Horner appears sceptical over the team’s possible performance boost when questioned on the tweaks.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Horner said: “We’re now heading back into the European season where the first round of the big upgrades are coming and if you believe Mercedes, they have a completely new car coming.”

When pushed on whether he did believe the Brackley-based squad, Horner cheekily replied: “I’m not going to answer that question”.


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