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Incident Was Enough for Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has played a critical role in shooting the stock of Formula 1 up, globally. That being said, the 7x champion is more than just a commercial asset for the rights holder for the sport; Liberty Media. Over the course of his illustrious F1 career, the Brit has slowly and steadily evolved into being more than just a race car driver. His exploits on the track have made him a legend of our sport. However, some would argue the lad from Stevenage has also become a champion for the cause of human, social, and civil rights.

Hamilton, over the recent years, has become an outspoken supporter of many movements. Prime amongst them being the ‘Black Lives Matter’ initiative that was propelled to global acclaim after the unfortunate death of George Floyd. For the Brit, however, this was the moment that changed everything as far as he was concerned.

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