“This Post Costs Us $50,000”: Lewis Hamilton & Co. Play GTA in Real Life With Max Verstappen to Leave Fans in Splits

Lewis Hamilton has common ground with Max Verstappen as.....

F1 teams often find new frontiers to battle with each other. Besides the on-track tussles, drivers and teams may take digs at each other off-track too. The latest new frontier has become social media. All F1 teams put out some amazing social media posts during the season and in the off-season as well. Mercedes perhaps takes it to another level with their social media antics. While we thought that we saw everything from Lewis Hamilton and Co. on their Twitter trolling skills, they just put some more out there.

According to the latest Twitter post from Mercedes-AMG F1, they posted a video of someone touching the rear wing of Hamilton’s car (the 2022 car – W13). The video further transitions into chilling somber music showing “Wasted” on the screen. Mercedes just tried to play some GTA in real life, with the throwback to the Brazil 2021 incident involving Max Verstappen.

Back at the 2021 Sao Paulo GP, Verstappen was in parc ferme after qualifying was over on Friday, as it was a Sprint weekend. As the Dutchman came near Lewis’s Mercedes W12, he touched the rear wing of the car to check something. This caused the FIA to penalize Max and Red Bull with a $50,000 fine.

The Mercedes admin captioned this video taking a cheeky dig at Max’s action in Brazil, “We should have known better. 😵😅” So, it was perhaps a sarcastic take on the $50K shenanigans that left fans in splits.

Fans React to Mercedes’ GTA-type trolling of Max Verstappen touching the Rear wing of Lewis Hamilton
Fans have reacted to these latest antics by the Mercedes admin on Twitter. Many fans have recalled how Verstappen received a $50K fine for doing the same. While many got other linked controversies in the thread as well as related to Red Bull and Verstappen in the past 2 years.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes may argue that it is okay to touch their own car’s rear wing. So, it may not be a similar $50K fine for the team, especially in their garage itself. Nevertheless, this is quite witty and brave from the Brackley social media team. But, guess that’s what Twitter and social media are all about nowadays.

Sebastian Vettel’s take on quite hilarious too on the same weekend after the Brazil GP Sprint. Vettel joked on team radio that he will be touching the rear wing of Lewis Hamilton. Though, in a funny exchange with his engineer, he said maybe he shall touch the front wing, which may be worth $25K.

Nonetheless, it may be a running gag with a touch of GTA from the Mercedes admin. But, it is a matter of the past and perhaps water under the bridge. Still, it is great to see the Silver Arrows being cheerful about controversial past events.


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