Confident Red Bull Boss Discounts Lewis Hamilton for Max Verstappen “Investment” in Hopes of Renewed Glory Day





The long-ranging debate of Lewis Hamilton Vs Max Verstappen will continue to divide fans for decades to come. However, there is always a clear favorite depending on what side of the camp you’re on.





The fans that consider Hamilton their GOAT have the stats to bank on. However, Max Verstappen‘s side of the cavalry believes the Dutchman is in his own league lmk will lead Red Bull to glory for many years to come.





Part of Verstappen’s cavalry is Dr. Helmut Marko, the Red Bull advisor. The Austrian offering and signing a long-term contract, till the end of 2028, with Verstappen was an investment. An investment that would pay off as old guards like Hamilton and Vettel will be replaced by the newer generation, specifically Verstappen.





Speaking to Formule1.NL, Marko also revealed why the Red Bull star is better than the Mercedes world champion. “Max is also a different kind of Formula 1 driver. He is not someone who flies back and forth to Los Angeles for two days, but is above all a sportsman,” he said. (Translated by Google) you





Dr. Marko also complimented Verstappen’s professionalism, which makes him such a ruthless and no-nonsense driver. He added, “Max has, I would almost say, devoted his entire life to the sport, so that he can perform optimally. And we appreciate that in him, that’s why he fits Red Bull and the team. He is focused on the sport and no-nonsense.”






Despite the praises for Red Bull’s two-time world champion, Marko doesn’t completely discount Hamilton. He believes Hamilton will be a challenger in the 2023 season.







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