Lewis Hamilton has raised doubts over how closely he will work with Mick Schumacher at Mercedes next season after the German’s move to the Silver Arrows. Hamilton stressed he was unlikely to work closely with Schumacher who takes up the team’s third driver role for 2023.

Speaking to Sport Bild, the Briton said: “Mick is a great talent He is an asset for Mercedes. He is a German driver and his father and Mercedes were already closely connected.




“You don’t actually work that closely with the third driver anymore. It’s a lot of simulator work and not like it used to be, even though we’ll still be team-mates.”

Hamilton previously joked with Daniel Ricciardo about the reserve driver role when the Australian was linked to the drive. The seven-time champion appeared to dismiss the role, hinting that the role was not something that would be good for an experienced F1 star.




Schumacher had aimed to stay on the grid next season but was dropped by Haas ahead of the final race of the season. The American constructor has instead signed the services of ex-F1 star Nico Hulkenberg to partner Kevin Magnussen.
However, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff admitted he was keen to “look after” Schumacher when Haas’ announcement was made. His father, Michael Schumacher, raced for the team on his F1 return between 2010 and 2012.




A deal was struck to join the German marquee as a test driver to give the former F2 star a chance to return to racing from 2024. Speaking to the Mercedes YouTube channel, Schumacher revealed he was hoping to learn a lot from Hamilton and George Russell.

He also claimed he could help the British stars behind the scenes in a bid to bring the iconic team back to the front. The 23-year-old explained: “I guess it is not as common to have a reserve driver that has been driving in the new era of cars.





“I know the new tyres, I know what the car is about and what it needs in terms of driving style. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to that but also see what the drivers need from the outside and obviously the simulator work is going to be very important.

“We have a lot to do and hopefully I will be able to contribute the knowledge I have, but also gain a lot of knowledge myself that I can use for the rest of my career and life.”






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